1. Hiatus
2. RIP, Satoru Iwata
3. Let there be Robot Battles
4. Regarding pixel art!
5. 16-bit Star Wars
6. Goodbye, Spock.
7. James Randi Retires
8. More Star Wars on GOG
9. gives you DOS Games
10. Ralph Baer, RIP.
1. Quickie: Impressions June 2014
2. Quickie: Penny Arcade Episode 3
3. Quickie: The Amazing Spider-Man
4. Quickie: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
5. Quickie: Prototype 2
6. Quickie: Microsoft Kinect
7. Quickie: X-Men Destiny
8. Spider-Man: Edge of Time
9. Quickie: Transformers Dark of the Moon
10. Quickie: Borderlands GOTY
1. Musings 45: Penny Arcade and The Gripping Hand
2. Movie Review: Pacific Rim
3. Movie Review: Wreck-It Ralph
4. Glide Wrapper Repository
5. Movie Review: Winnie The Pooh
6. Musings 44: PC Gaming? Maybe it's on Life Support
7. Video Games Live 2009
8. Movie Review: District 9
9. Musings: Stardock, DRM, and Gamers' Rights
10. Musings: How DRM Hurts PC Gaming
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About Glide Underground:

Glide Underground was originally founded in January of 1999; in its humble beginnings, the site was a haven for programmers creating a little something called "wrappers". Specifically, they were creating Glide Wrappers, programs which allowed games that used the old proprietary 3dfx Glide API for 3D acceleration, to access the 3D acceleration functions available on newer/competing/better video boards from rivals like ATi, NVidia, and S3.

After getting together, the writers on the site quickly realized that Glide Underground could serve as more than just a small programming site - it became a waystation for news, product reviews, interviews, and just general gaming content. We do this, not because it gets us money (it doesn't!) but because we're gamers, we love gaming and technology, and we want to share that with the world.


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