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 EverQuest: the ultimate addiction
 July 5th, 1999 by Khalid Shaikh
This isn't a review -- I really don't know what to call it, but I just wanted to talk about EverQuest, how much of a craze it seems to have become. I first heard about EverQuest in gaming magazines. I remember hearing that it was something that was, in my head, like Ultima Online. I always wanted to try Ultima Online, but heard of massive server failures and I heard how people didn't get the experience that was promised to them. When I heard about EverQuest, I basically assumed that it was competition to UO.

I then started having friends in Montreal, Quebec, Canada playing EverQuest. I went to a LAN party at a friend's house and saw EverQuest for the first time live. I knew, right then, that I would probably get addicted to the game if I ever tried it. I continued to resist to purchase it.

The next moment I hear about EverQuest is from Billy Wilson of VE. I hear how he is addicted to the game on VoodooExtreme. I continue my journeys on the net, just reading up on stuff that interests me and I realize that Brian Hook is leaving id software to go work at Verant, the people who made EverQuest.

Now this is getting unbearable. When I started working here, I had another reference to EverQuest, because my manager played it during his spare time. I also heard how QA engineers would play it as well at were at around lvl 21. One day I walk into work and my manager says "here's a copy of EverQuest". I guess it was an intern thing the company was doing. I've always wanted to play it, I knew right then that it would suck my life away. Ahh well, it was a gift so I had to play it.

I installed it on Friday and from Friday 8PM (after work) I played along with some other interns until 7AM the next day. Then I went to sleep @ home and came back and played for over 24 hours straight! I got to lvl6 in that weekend. You have to realize that I've never done anything like this before, a game has to be pretty awesome to addict me for that long.

The best part was that I started to know people who played in the same city as me, Qeynos. They'd have to go to sleep, while they were lvl5 and I would be lvl3. The next day they'd query me and find out that I was lvl5 as well. It would be entertaining to watch their responses. This was obviously due to me staying up overnight.


EverQuest: the ultimate addiction

Added:  Monday, July 05, 1999
Reviewer:  Khalid Shaikh

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