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Article: The Best Games of 1999
Authors: Chris Kim       Date: January 17th 2000
Page: 1

The past year was filled with great surprises and several anticipations fulfilled. Some new ideas from several new companies that really rocked the market while also trailed by some incredible new games that really rocked the world of gaming. In the following article is what really stunned us at GU about the products in each specific genre with something special or unique to the world of gaming. And without further wait, welcome to the first annual The Best Games of 1999. The best of games logos are available to for download.

Best Game: System Shock 2 (Purchase for $44.99)
Although there were a lot of great games the past year, the one that stands out most was System Shock 2, the environment which SS2 created was the most creepy, deep, moving, and engulfing environment ever created--we've never experienced anything like it before. The gameplay elements come together so fluidly in one package and the game is so such a great gaming experience that the choice was clear for game of the year. Review, 5/5 Stars, Editor's Choice
Runner-Up: Descent 3 (Purchase for $29.99)
When this title rolled in, we didn't expect to see what we saw. What we saw was one of the greatest and most innovative games, Descent, had been taken to the next level with improved game design, multiple outdoor/indoor regions, devious AI, stupendious multiplayer additions, and new style of missions. These additions to the gameplay made the game an out of world experience. Review, 5/5 Stars, Editor's Chioce

Best First Person Shooter: Unreal Tournament (Purchase for $34.99)
From the beginning of the year, we knew that the competition for FPS title of 1999 would be a very tight race, we had a feeling that it would be a toss-up between id's Quake 3 Arena and Epic's Unreal Tournament, but in the end UT won out because of its new contributions and better team based gameplay compared to Q3A. The gameplay actually evolved beyond simple deathmatch and capture the flag, the added assault and domination modes contributed to a better FPS experience. Review, 4.75/5 Stars, Editor's Choice

Runner-Up: Quake 3 Arena (Purchase for $39.99)
While UT brought in new ground to the FPS genre, Q3A refined the deathmatching arena and added a brand new spanking graphics engine that really shines and pushes the limits of today's technology to the edge. The graphics are unparalleled by any engine in computer gaming today. We didn't get a chance to review it yet, but the review will be up shortly.

Best Real Time Strategy: Homeworld (Purcahse for $44.99)
This was the very first real time strategy that approached the strategy genre in the full six degrees of freedom. The added complete three dimensional movement added a whole new level of depth and strategy to the already tried and true genre. This game brought one of the most innovative and create new strategy games to hit the market since the first revolutionary strategy games, Warcraft and Command and Conquer. Review, 5/5 Stars, Editor's Choice
Runner-Up: Age of Empires 2 (Purchase for $39.99)
We were waiting for this one for a while, and when it finally arrived, we couldn't have expected more. It refined more on the RTS everyone loved and beyond. More units, more battles, more maps, more everything! We didn't get a chance to review it yet, but the review will be up shortly.

Best Action: Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear (Purchase for $39.99)
The original game was a blockbuster hit and once again the developers over at Redstorm provided the juice with the best ever stategic action game with some of the most convincing environments and best gameplay in a game. Combined with other strategic elements such as planning, weapon layouts, and paths to follow, this is crowned best action game of 1999. Review, 4.5/5 Stars, Editor's Choice
Runner-Up: Force 21
Although better fitting in the RTS genre, it is more of a strategic action game rather than a real time strategy game that we all know. It combines some of the best military action of tanks and helicopters with solid graphics. Combining both the strategic movement and placement of units makes this one more enjoyable. Review, 4.5/5 Stars, Editor's Choice

Best Adventure: Outcast (Purchase for $29.99)
One the more unexpected hit titles, this game was in long development for four years and even though the time may have taken its toll in the technology booth, this game really shines in the gameplay department with one of the largest worlds to explore ever seen. Combine that with a great combat system and excellent character interaction, this is one hell of an adventure that will take ages to complete. Review, 4.5/5 Stars, Editor's Chioce
Runner-Up: Nocturne (Purchase for $39.99)
One hell (ironic eh?) of a scary adventure, Nocturne utilized one of the best graphic engines to recreate a scary environment (that scared the poop out of us) along with great puzzles, unique combat, and intriguing storyline, Nocturne provided one great adventure. Review, 4.5/5 Stars, Editor's Choice

Best Sport: NBA Inside Drive 2000 (Purchase for $19.99)
Although not quite as impressive as perhaps the NBA Live series, we never got to play any EA titles this year, so therefore we've picked the bargain bin NBA Inside Drive 2000 as the best sports game of 1999. Due to its extremely low price, it might be thought of as a crap game, but it is anything but that. This game is almost at the level of the Live series--great gameplay and solid emphasis on simulation features, which is more realistic than the simulation game found in the Live series. Review, 3.5/5 Stars
Runner Up: NFL Blitz 2000 (Purchase for $19.99)
Great arcade action is hard to find these days, but with Blitz 2000 it's on your PC! The hard hitting series is back and better than ever with better graphics, new modes of play, and more season play with stats. All these improvements make for an extremely enjoyable game that is tons of fun, especially when hooking up with other friends. Review, 4/5 Stars

Best Racing: Re-Volt (Purchase for $29.99)
One of the more unique racing titles of the year, Re-Volt allowed users to play in a small environment with radio controlled racers on several tracks and difficulty levels with the most astonishing looking graphics seen in a racer. Attached to the great gameplay were several racing modes that kept players entertained until the night would fall. Review, 4.5/5 Stars, Editor's Chioce
Runner-Up: Driver (Purchase for $39.99)
One of the most adrenaline intensive racing games ever. Provides a deep rush that is a lot of fun to play--run from the cops, play the hitman, you are the driver! Although not so graphically nice, the feeling of the game more than makes up for the average graphics. Review, 4/5 Stars

Best Simulation: USAF (Purchase for $34.99)
Was a great survey simulation which included eight of the greatest planes of all time. Although not as detailed as some many study simulations, USAF is probably one of the most fun simulation with an excellent campaign and robust tutorial. The graphics are stellar and the special effects are top notch which make for a realistic experience. Review, 4.5/5 Stars, Editor's Chioce
Runner-Up: Sim Theme Park (Purchase for $29.99)
Wanna do some park building with a lot of fun? Then take some time out and spend that leisure time with the boys at the theme park or be the man building the rides! You can also ride the rides! The sequel to the original Theme Park, this one adds more worlds, rides, and lots of other features. Review, 4/5 Stars

Best RPG: Septerra Core (Purchase for $39.99)
Although some may complain of its console roots, there is no denying that Septerra Core is one of the best console style RPG's to be released on PC in a while. It has a huge game world and moving plot with innovative combat system, which is then souped up in a very nice graphical package that doesn't stress PC hardware too much. Review, 4/5 Stars
Runner-Up: Darkstone (Purchase for $29.99)
While some may claim it's just a stupid clone, it really does stand on its own as a unique game. The game contained very unique characters--players got to control two characters. Also included were different and unique quests whenever a new game was started. Combined with pretty graphics and sound, Darkstone is the way to tide over Diablo fans until the second one is released. Review, 4.5/5, Editor's Choice

The Best Games of 1999

Added:  Monday, January 17, 2000
Reviewer:  Chris Kim


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