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Case Mods: 101
Author: Rob Baumstark       Date: October 26th 2000
Page: 1

Introduction to Case Modifications.

Over the past few months, the popularity of case-mods has grown at an incredible rate. I'm sure people have been cutting holes in their computers a lot longer than that, but recently it really spiked with several new sites popping up dedicated to the art of case destruction, and at least one online business that sells the tools and parts needed for a whole range of things you can do to your poor case. At the rate it's going now, I expect it won't take long before modified cases are as common as overclocked CPU's.

This article is a record of my experiences jumping on this bandwagon. After reading it you should have no problems doing simple modifications to your case, and you'll have a good base to go from as you get into the more difficult mods (if you start this, chances are you WILL get into the more difficult mods, hence the name of the final page of this article.) I've made a few mistakes in my journey so far that I'll point out so you can avoid, and I picked up at least one trick I haven't seen anywhere else, so even you Dremel-veterans might find this an interesting read. (No I wont tell you where it is yet, you have to suffer my writing.)

Now though I'm sure you're all just twitchin' to get cutting, you MUST read and follow the safety instructions on the next page first. For all of you that think you know what you're doing, read it anyway 'cause you'll at least get a good laugh at what happened to me when I didn't follow my own instructions. Once you know how to protect yourself I'll be introducing our instruments of destruction. I use the tools a bit differently than most, feel free to skip this page if you know your tools, but if you get confused later you might want to go back and read it. Then we can continue on to the basic hole cutting (AKA a blowhole), attaching some simple utility items, and rigging up a second power-supply to run off a single power button. All of this of course followed by the mandatory conclusion, which in this field isn't much of a conclusion but more of a break in the work.

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Case Mods: 101

Added:  Thursday, October 26, 2000
Reviewer:  Rob Baumstark

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