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Running Multiple Operating Systems
Author: Kyle Maulden       Date: January 17th 1999
Page: 1

Many people now days area realizing there are other operating systems for your PC out there besides Windows 98. But the main problem is that people fear losing compatibility with their hardware, software, or even fear the task of installing a new operating system. When you actually do the task though, you then realize how simple it really can be, just as long as you have some basis of what to do.

First of all, you should decide which operating systems you would like to run. In this article we will discuss triple-booting Windows 98, Windows 2000 Professional, and RedHat Linux 6.0. Believe it or not, but all three of these operating systems can peacefully be running on a single hard drive (with multiple partitions of course) using boot managers. What boot managers do, is when your system first boots up, they allow you to select the operating system in which to use. You may have heard of some programs such as System Commander, or seen it at the store, but the truth is, you don't need this program at all, and it's nothing but a waste of money. Both Windows 2000 and Linux come with their own boot managers. Windows 2000's doesn't really have a name, but Linux uses one called LILO.

Once you have decided which OS's you wish to install, then we may proceed. I would recommend installing Windows 98 no matter what though, as it fully supports all the hardware and software you may use from time to time, that may not work properly in Win2k or Linux. Until February 17th, Windows 2000, of course, will not be available to the public, but I'm sure we all know tons of people out there already have Windows 2000, so we won't worry about that. If you do not have RedHat Linux, or other distributions such as Mandrake or Debian, they can be downloaded free of charge from the companies' web page.

Starting on the next page we will discuss installing the first operating system, Windows 98. Be sure to install Windows 98 first, so that it doesn't get in the way with the boot managers or Linux and Win2k later on.

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- Preparing your hard drive and installing Windows 98
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Running Multiple Operating Systems

Added:  Sunday, January 17, 1999
Reviewer:  Kyle Maulden

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