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Glide Wrappers Return
Author: Michael Ahlf 

A long while ago, we had a big repository of Glide Wrappers here. Over the course of several moves, it got out of date. Many were destroyed in 3dfx's original legal attack as well, though most of those are now unusable (they were coded in ways that make them completely incompatible with Windows 2000/XP).

There's also a few new names on the scene, to deal with. I've also left off a few wrapper projects that started but never got anywhere significant. Many of those which are not Windows 2000/XP compatible are DirectX-based wrappers; as the DirectX API has evolved through the years, the calls that they used were broken. Links to some former websites are kept for posterity's sake, since a few have gone on/offline several times in the past years. As always, these are usable at your own risk.

In the old days, UltraHLE and Glide-only titles (Tomb Raider, Unreal) were what people were trying to run with these, on Windows 98. Things have changed since then; now the focus is more and more on people using them to get older Glide-only titles to run, sometimes in WinXP and sometimes in environments like Dosbox. They almost uniformly require tweaking to work on a given system and a given game title.

Here's the Glide Wrappers. If you're wondering what makes a wrapper tick, you want this article by our founder.

Wrapper Website Files Comments Compatibility
Boost Wrapper Yes Version 166 Hasn't been updated since 2000. Win9x/?
Clide No Version 2.4 Last updated in 1999, sad to say; while it had some small graphical glitches, it was immensely speedy for UltraHLE players. Obsolete today. Win9x/?
dgVoodoo Yes Version 1.31 Last updated in 2004, continuing; seems to be very stable and helps people using Dosbox immensely.

dgVoodoo works for Dos-based games, unlike Zeckensack's wrapper.

eVoodoo Yes Version 3.2 Last updated in 2002, this was one of the better wrappers for compatibility for a long while. Win9x/Win2k/WinXP
gl2ideal Yes Version 1.6 Last updated in 2001, a branch off of the defunct gl2ide source. Win9x/?
MGlide No Version 1.246h Another old fan favorite dead in September 1999, unfortunately. Win9x/?
OpenGlide Yes Version 0.09rc7 Alpha OpenGlide was one of the more ambitious Glide Wrapper projects, which went open source to get completed. Didn't get tremendously far, though; last update was in 2002. Win9x/Win2k/?
UltraHLE Voodoo3/5 Fix No Fix Not a wrapper as such, this is was a patch to fix some texture alignment errors that UltraHLE could have with certain Voodoo cards. I've included it for posterity. Win9x/?
xgl200 No Version 0.04a This was Scott Cutler's (former GU staffer) wrapper, one of those whose original (pre-.03) versions brought down the wrath of 3dfx before their demise. Works well on UltraHLE, but hasn't been maintained in a LONG time otherwise. Win9x/Win2k/WinXP
Zeckensack Yes Version 0.84 Last updated in 2005, development long abandoned.

Zeckensack goes a lot farther than some other classic wrapper programmers, actually trying to emulate the whole Glide 2.4 interface and some of the Voodoo hardware, which gives him some great compatibility gains.

nGlide Yes Version 1.04 Zeus Software's entry into the list offers support for the Win7 environment. Requires being set to Win95 compatibility mode for a sizable number of games. It strives for compatibility first. The designers have also done a pretty extensive job of compatibility testing it, with a long list of possible games and playable/not playable listing results. Supports all three Glide APIs, and can run for DOS games in Dosbox using Gulikoza's patch.

NGlide is the only known Glide wrapper still in continuing development we are aware of.

There's also GliDos, for DosBox users or people trying to run Dos/Win9x titles under 2000/XP. GliDos redirects the old-style dos-based Glide interface to a Windows Glide interface, allowing certain old-style Dos games like Tomb Raider and Descent II to take advantage of modern hardware. The bad news is that GliDos isn't free; they've included an annoying spinning logo that pops up to nag users to buy it, in the middle of playing games.

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Glide Wrapper Repository

Added:  Monday, August 22, 2011
Reviewer:  Mike Ahlf


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