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Reviewed: 3D Blaster Annihilator Pro
Manufacturer: Creative Labs
Product Type: Video Card
MSRP: $299.99
Required System: PII 233, AGP 1/2/4X port, 32MB RAM, 35MN HDD, Win9x/NT4 SP3, CD-ROM
Reviewer's System: PIII 600, 128mb Ram, DX7.0, Win98SE, ABit BE6
Overall Rating:
Author: Kyle Maulden       Date: December 29th 1999
Page: 1

Product Review:

People have been waiting ages for nVidia to release their GeForce 256 chip, and finally it is here. Creative Labs had the first GeForce board out on the market, with their Annihilator, and now they have quickly put their DDR-based board, the Annihilator Pro out as well. After my Diamond Viper v770 fried out on me, I had no choice but to run up to CompUSA as fast as I could to purchase a new video card. And what luck I had. There on the shelf was the very last GeForce card they had in the whole store, and would have for another two weeks said the sales guy. As a matter-of-fact, the guy behind me in line was a little ticked because he had come to the store for the same card, but instead got to watch me happily take it home.

Behind that nice looking box, lies the most powerful consumer 3D accelerator to date, featuring quad 3D pipelines, 256 bit architecture, and most notably Hardware T&L, and 32MB of 300Mhz DDR-RAM. In the Annihilator Pro, Creative labs opted to use nVidia's reference design, instead of making their own board layout. This is another sign of rushing out the card for Christmas. As you probably know, the GeForce 256 is the first GPU (graphics processing unit) available. The GPU means that all graphics processing features will not be handled entirely by the graphics chip, instead of offloading transform and lighting processes onto the CPU, thus giving the CPU less power to handle other vital operations. The 300Mhz DDR-RAM, gives the card a much higher memory bandwidth, a total of 4.8GB, to process those textures much faster.

Sure all of this sounds terrific, but does this card really live up to these specs?

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Added:  Wednesday, December 29, 1999
Reviewer:  Kyle Maulden
Page: 1/10

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