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Reviewed: Black LAP
Manufacturer: Everglide
Product Type: Mousepad
Overall Rating:
Provided By: Everglide
Author: Kyle Maulden       Date: November 11th 1999
Page: 1

You may be wondering, "What? Another one of those Everglide pad reviews? We've all read tons of those!". Well, now for something fairly new. When Microsoft first released their new line of mouse, using the IntelliEye optical sensor, many gamers have been disappointed to find out their new $50 mouse doesn't work on their white Everglide pad! This is because the optical sensor on the mouse doesn't pick up the slick white surface of the pad very well. But on the other hand, users who owned Falcon Northwest computers, which came with a special black version of the Everglide pad had no trouble what-so-ever with the IntelliEye mice. Obviously the sensor had no difficulty picking up the black surface, therefore Everglide quickly shot out a new line of their pads, this time being black.

Ever since Everglide first started producing their pads, gamers took an instant interest in them. Unlike traditional mousepads, the Everglide pads are made of a sturdy plastic, which doesn't collect dust, and also greatly improves the traction of your mouse. The top of the pad is covered with tiny bumps, helping catch the mouseball, or in this case optical sensor, therefore moving the rodent over the screen much more accurately, racking up those frags in multiplayer games. But as Microsoft claims, the IntelliEye mice work just fine on just about any surface, from your pant leg, to the plain surface of your desk. Any gamer can tell you though that using a mouse (no matter what kind) on the plain desk surface sure won't help you get more frags. It just isn't the same.

The pad itself is 8" tall, 10 1/4" wide, and 1/4" deep. You may think that could be a bit uncomfortable on your hand, the pad being so tall, but Everglide remedied this by putting a indentation in the front of the pad, making it rather comfy on your wrist. The edges are beveled simply make the pad look better, and also keep from scratching your hand on a sharp plastic edge. Despite it being hard plastic, the pad's very easy on the hand.

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Added:  Thursday, November 11, 1999
Reviewer:  Kyle Maulden
Page: 1/3

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