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Reviewed: Drakan: Order of the Flame
Product Type:Game
Price: ~$40
Overall Rating:
Author: Jeff 'Obsidian' Klein       Date: September 1st 1999


Games, like movies, books, music, tv, and just about every type of media out there, have a tendancy to repeat themselves. Tonight's new "Family Guy" is nothing but a "Simpsons" from five years ago. Even fantasy book every written can be traced to Tolkien (the great one..). Even my very most favorite band, Royal Crown Review, is nothing but modernized swing. Like the rest of these categories, games tend to follow suit. What first person shooter is not a quake clone? RTS game not a C&C clone? No answer, huh? But what sets a good game (or movie, book, ect) apart from a bad (amougn other things) is its ability to be as different as possible. Half Life may be a quake clone, but with it's strong storyline and "thinking" style gameplay it is set apart from the rest of the genre, just like RCR's cool jazzy sound sets it apart from the rest of its respective genre.

This is where Drakan's genious comes in. Like most everything else it is not totally original - the concept reminds me a lot of Anne McCaffery's Dragonflight series of books (a great read, by the way). But what's different about Drakan, is that doesn't really come close to any other game - and doesn't fit easily into a category. You play Rynn, who is looking for her brother after Wartoks raid her village. The storyline is actually quite in-depth, as you'll find in the first level, but I'll spare you here.

So, is Drakan a winner or a loser? Is it a great idea gone wrong, or a great idea done right? Find out!

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Added:  Wednesday, September 01, 1999
Reviewer:  Jeff Klein
Page: 1/4

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