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Reviewed: Flux
Developer: Masterworks Software
Publisher: Masterworks Software
Genre Type: Puzzle
ESP: CD: $33.95 Download: $23.95
Required System: P133, 16MB RAM, 40MB HD, DX6.0+, Win9x/NT/2k
Reviewer's System: Celeron 300A @ 450MHz, 196MB RAM, TNT2 16MB, DX7.0, Win98 SE
Overall Rating:
Author: Scott Hetherington       Date: December 9th 1999
Page: 1

Game Review:


Flux. Remember that word, all of you. It's something you'll be hearing from the ranting mouths of crazed puzzle addicts in the near future. Simply put, this is about as addictive a game as Tetris, or better yet (worse?), Minesweeper. Webster's dictionary defines Flux as:

flux (fluks)

  1. A flow or flowing.
  2. A continued flow; a flood.
  3. Constant or frequent change; fluctuation:
  4. Digital crack for puzzle junkies.

I can personally attest point number four on that list, having had a nice-sized addiction to the game for a couple of weeks. Those of you who already play the game, check out the score board. I think only the guy named "Power" has it worse than I did.

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Added:  Thursday, December 09, 1999
Reviewer:  Scott Hetherington
Page: 1/4

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